Security Tips

3D secure code

3D Secure for Credit Card

        #Stay safe, Shop online with more security  

what is 3D secure?

3D Secure add Extra layer of security to E-Commerce transactions .the service helps prevent unauthorized online use before it happens by confirming client identity with an      additional Authentication Code

How does it work?

  • Select the goods or services you want fromonline store and proceed to the payment page.
  • Enter your ADCB Credit Card number, expiry date, and CVV/CVC in the payment page.
  • ADCB will then initiate an ADCB Double Secure pop-up window on your computer screen.
  • ADCB will then initiate an ADCB Double Secure pop-up window on your computer screen.

important note

  • No registration required, client will automatically be prompted to enter 3D secure code at participating verified by visa
  • Successful OTP & CCV2 (the 3-digit number on the back of the card) required for transaction approval
  • When buying from merchants not yet participating in verified by visa Secure Code“there will be no secure code
  • Supplementary cardholder will receive an Authentication Code on his/her mobile phone only if his/her mobile number is registered by ADCB

OTP delivery Channel

Resend each of 5 times

No. of OTP resend

OTP Expiry



SMS as per registered mobile by ADCB


5 times

10 Minutes

6 Digits 

ATM Fraud Tips

One of our main priorities is making sure that you are safe and secure when it comes to your banking details. So, we would like to inform you about the ongoing threat of emails/calls/SMS/WhatsApp message asking you to disclose personal banking information.
ADCB will never ask for your personal details, including your credit or debit card number, 3-digit security code(CVV) for your card, One-Time Password(OTP), ATM PIN, or internet banking username and password. We urge you to be vigilant from responding to such requests, as fraudsters could access your bank account/cards with these credentials.
How fraudsters attempt to steal your information
  • They pretend to be calling from the bank, CBE or the bank’s call centre.
  • They claim that account or card has been blocked or that your account details need to be updated.
  • They attempt to deceive you into providing confidential information, informing you that your account will be closed if the information is not provided.
  • They could provide you with a telephone number or an email requesting you to share your information.