Speed Up Saving

Growth of savings enhanced

Time flies, let your savings fly higher. Can’t wait to grow your savings? Speed up saving is the right account for you. Speed you saving account offers interest that grows as you grow your funds. The higher the fund the higher the earned interest. Start with any amount of funds you have, there is no minimum for this account and grow your savings faster than any other account.


  • Copy of ID for Egyptians or a valid passport for expatriates.
  • Proof of Income or source of funds.
  • Recent original utility Bill (Electricity or Gas)


In Egyptian Currency only.
Your account will earn interest on any average credit balance in the account.


Terms & Conditions Apply.

The bank reserves the right to change the interest rates, fees and tariffs, charges and terms and conditions at its own discretion. Clients will be notified via the proper communication channel chosen by the bank.

  • Monthly interest rates that increases when your funds increase.
  • Interest rates calculated monthly on the average balance of the account and added quarterly.
  • Possibility of depositing and withdrawing at any time with the calculation of the interest.
  • No Minimum Balance required to open the account and earn interest
  • This account is available for Individuals only.
  • Debit Card issued upon request
  • Online and Mobile Banking Services are available.
  • SMS notifications service is available so you can track all your transactions.
  • 24/7 access to our Call Center.