Erada” is the first comprehensive package offering banking and non-banking services that is specially designed to support people with disabilities to ease their everyday life.

Features and benefits

  • Banking benefits:

    – Saving account with no opening fees or minimum balance

    – Meeza prepaid card 

    – Possibility to register with no fees in ADCB digital services to access your accounts, transfer funds and pay your bills anytime and anywhere

    Non-Banking benefits:

    – Discounted Medical card across the nation, covering various medical services and prosthetic devices with no fees

    Other benefits for easy accessibility:

    – Bank documents & applications are available in Braille to enable visually impaired to know their rights and benefits

    – Sign language trained Customer service staff to communicate with people with hearing disabilities

    – Priority pass for faster services inside branches

    – Wheelchairs ramps placed in 13 branches to help customers with physical disabilities

    Customer should provide the Bank with disability proof documents from Ministry for social solidarity and the needed medical reports to enjoy this package.


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