Together Through Life’s Stages


ADCB-Egypt understands the need to secure family expenses and provide for them through thick and thin. With every stage of life comes a new responsibility to bear.

Join us, to grow your finances as you grow, along the steps of life.


Applicants must be:

  • Egyptian residence with minimum age at entry 21 for a policy holder and maximum age 64.


Upon maturity of your policy: You need to submit your policy document, ID  and deed of assignment (if yours is an assigned policy) Upon death: Your beneficiary needs to submit a death claim form, a police report if necessary, succession certificate, nominee details and other documents that may be required.


Please visit the nearest ADCB-Egypt branch for more or. Call us on: 16862.

  • When you join us you will be able to secure the growing expenses through your entire life.
  • All your needs are secured in flexible ways / schemes.
  • Secure your life savings and Investments.
  • Security and safety for your family in case of disabilities / death.