Now you can instantly send and receive local transfers 24/7 through the Instant payment network (IPN)

Features & Benefits:

  • Link all your bank accounts at various banks in one app
  • Execute 24/7 instant and secured transfers between accounts, cards, mobile wallets and to any another InstaPay user by using Instant Payment Address (IPA) or mobile number.
  • Ease of collecting money
  • Balance inquiry
  • Issue mini statements
  • Make donations through the app


IPN allows customers to send money to any of the following:

  • Bank accounts using:
  • Account number or IBAN
  • Mobile number (for InstaPay on-boarded customers only)
  • Instant Payment Address (IPA) (for InstaPay on-boarded customers only)
  • Mobilewallets (using mobile number)
  • All type of cards (using 16-digit card number)

How to Register?

  1. Download the app (InstaPay) from your mobile device’s app store (Apple store or Google Play store)
  2. Review the terms and conditions of the application before agreeing to it
  3. While carrying out the preliminary steps, you will need to select the mobile number registered at the bank.
  4. Select the bank (bank name) and enter the 16 digits of the debit card and ATM pin.
  5. You will then be asked to create an IPN account and IPN PIN, which can only be accessed through your mobile device
  6. Create instant payment address (IPA) for the specified account
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