Buy now, Pay later!

For all Visa ADCB Credit Card holders, convert your purchases into monthly installments with minimal interest and tenors up to 36 months.

Manage all your expenses through the most flexible and easiest payment plans in monthly installments 

Features and Benefits

• Fixed monthly instalment plans from 6 up to 36 months with
• No down payments or additional documents required
• No restrictions on number of instalment plans allowed *within the available credit limit*
• No maximum amount per transaction *within the available credit limit*
• Lowest processing fees
• 1st instalment will be due on the next month of enrolment.
• Installment plans applicable on local and abroad transactions
• Easy to set up by calling 16862 and request the required installment plan

Eligibility Criteria

  • All ADCB Credit cards
  • Primary and supplementary Cards

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum purchase transaction of 500EGP on primary and all supplementary cards
  • The instalment is posted as part of the amount due on Customer (Instalment + Minimum amount Due)
  • Customer must call 16862 to request the transaction installment plan within maximum of 57 days from transaction date
  • Transaction amount must be less than or equal to the outstanding balance
  • Customer must have no past dues on credit card at time of the EPP transaction
  • In case the client missed two consecutive instalments, the plan will be cancelled automatically
  • Customer Must pay his EPP instalment in addition to the minimum payment (5% or 100%) from card outstanding debit balance.
  • Customer must have no past dues on credit card at time of the EPP transaction booking.
  • EPP is available for active cards only  (not restricted/lost/Blocked or cancelled)
  • In case of partial settlement, Priority is for the installment amount then settling any other interest and Fees.
  • In case of cancellation/early settlement, cardholder will be charged _% as cancellation/early settlement fee, which is calculated on the remaining amount in the plan
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