ADCB-Egypt has adopted a number of strategic goals aimed at achieving rapid growth in the Egyptian market

Ihab El Sewerky – ADCB Egypt CEO and MD said that :” The bank has adopted a number of strategic goals to achieve rapid growth in the market, by continuing to provide various services that its competitors provide. This comes in addition to providing carefully selected and innovative products and services to its customers, including new concierge services, and priority in conducting banking transactions.

The bank has also launched new payment solutions, such as credit cards, money transfers, and digital wallets.
“In addition, we provide management services, which include various investment products, and improving treasury services according to the needs of our customers,” El Sewerky said. ”We partner with software providers to provide accounting services to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).”
He stressed that the development process of an expansion plan takes into account sustainable growth, while ensuring an improvement in the cost-to-income ratio. It also takes into account an understanding of the new brand through steps to increase awareness of the ADCB brand.
According to El Sewerky, the bank aims as part of its plan to improve liquidity and reduce the cost of financing. It is set to undertake this aspect by supporting the growth of savings and current accounts, which will see the launch of  new products and strengthening various financing systems. It will also see the implementation of new campaigns and plans, as well as enhancing collection capabilities through improvements in systems and processes.
He explained that the bank aims to enhance its operations and digitalization through the latest technologies, to improve the customer experience. This will see the bank introduce new digital services and products, such as online and mobile banking services, as well as increase its ATM capacities.
The bank is also looking to launch a corporate internet banking platform to finance current its business operations, alongside new cash management products. There is also set to be the implementation of processes focusing on providing a smooth service experience to customers from start to end. 
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