ADCB– Egypt launches new vision for financial inclusion embracing people of determination

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – Egypt (ADCB-Egypt) announced on Tuesday that it has set a new people-centered perspective for financial inclusion, ensuring a wider access to its banking services for people of determination (people with special needs).

In celebration of International Day of Sign Languages, ADCB-Egypt is launching its new vision to integrate people with special needs into the country’s banking system.

“As part of ADCB’s ambitious vision to make an impact towards society and to achieve its sustainable development goals, the bank has undertaken several initiatives to integrate all of society’s segments into the formal banking system.” Ihab El Sewerky, CEO and Managing Director of ADCB-Egypt, said.

“These initiatives are in line with the Central Bank of Egypt’s financial inclusion strategies and compliment the state’s efforts in including and supporting people of determination as part of Egypt’s 2030 vision.” He added.

In less than a year since the launch of its operations in Egypt, the bank has notched up remarkable successes in its disability-inclusive portfolio.

ADCB launched an initiative – the first of its kind in the Egyptian banking sector – offering training classes for customer-service employees to learn sign language. This enabled ADCB’s customers who are visually, hearing-impaired, or mute to access the banking services with no need for an interpreter; accordingly, they enjoy having a positive banking experience.

Moreover, the bank has made all its banking documents formatted in braille to make it legible for the visually-impaired customers, to be able to know all necessary banking requirements single-handedly.

In the same context, ADCB has initiated assisting tools across its branches in support of customers with physical disabilities, through building customized elevators for wheelchair users to ensure easier accessibility to financial services.

Prior to the launch of its initiatives, ADCB had held a thorough meeting with people of determination in an effort to understand their unique banking demands and in return offer them the most suitable banking services, products, and solutions.